my top 5 local coffee shops/cafés in Edmonton

I'm going to start off by saying I may have a problem... a coffee problem. If you ask anyone who knows me they will say that I am constantly drinking coffee. I guess part of it is a side effect of this job. It really is a go-go-go lifestyle being a real estate associate. The other part of it is probably because of a habit I formed back when I was working on my degree.

Either way, my point is, I drink a lot of coffee. I am always trying to find a new café to visit and try out.

Check out the video for my top 5 local coffee shops in Edmonton. Or you know, if you want to just skip the video, the list will be under the video with location information and websites.

p.s. there are so many good coffee places in Edmonton, I can't fit them all on this list!

5. Awake Coffee House

Awake is a newer café located in the Twin Brooks area that has a unique spin on where it's located. I'm not going to ruin the surprise for you, but you will wonder why more cafés don't have a set up like this.

Like I said in the video the main draw for me was the fact that they had bubble waffles. They have a few different flavours, all of them delicious. It also helps that they have some really good coffee too!

4. Remedy Cafe

Remedy is a more well known name in Edmonton. They serve up amazing chai lattes and a bunch of different types of drinks on top of that. The food is really good too! Back when I was working away at my degree in university I would always pop by and have a study session with friends here. The atmosphere and the late hours that they are open helped place this as one of my favourite cafés in Edmonton.

3. CRUM Coffee Bar

 that's some good #latteart right there!

that's some good #latteart right there!

All I gotta say is look at the #latteart. It tastes as amazing as it looks. Definitely one of my favourite places to meet people. Go check it out now.

2. Block 1912

 i didn't have a picture of their coffee, this cake will have to do

i didn't have a picture of their coffee, this cake will have to do

Block 1912 is one of those places where you walk into once and never forget how it looks. They have such a unique vibe going on in there. Couple that up with the location on Whyte Ave, this is the perfect place to meet with friends and hang out on the patio on an Edmonton summer day.

1. Square 1 Coffee

So you know how real estate agents have to show a lot of homes to people looking for their next place? After a while some of the houses start to seem like they are a slightly different version of the last.

Square 1 is the place I go to basically refresh my mind. It has such an inviting ambiance and combine that with the wall decorations, seating arrangements and the coffee. This. Café. Is. The. Best.

So there ya go, my top 5 coffee shops/cafés in Edmonton. I wanted to keep the written part of this blog a bit shorter. Hopefully it gave you an idea of why I chose these 5. But if you have any other suggestions for me to try out give me a shout and I'd be glad to give them a try!